About Us

It’s nice to meet you! I'm Ste-V Day & I Own Smok N' Bra!

Our Story​​

In October 2011, Ste-V Day had an idea of opening an all Colorado Store that includes any kind of fun or unique art. She found a spot to open up her shop off Friscos' Main Street on Third Ave. She started with 4 local artists; 2 glass blowers, 1 clothing & skate artist, & 1 painter. She opened Smok N' Bra in December 2011. 
By the end of December 2012, she had over 80 Local  Artists that were in her shop and growing! The shop kept changing and growing! She started introducing new products people wanted and suddenly became the new favorite Local Shop in the County!
By the end of 2013, she was expanding her shop another 240 sq foot!  For the first 3 years, We were open 6 days a week 10am to 8pm, only run by Ste-V and the help of some artists. 
In January 2014, Ste-V opened up the back room as a Men's' Room. All men's apparel, lingerie, hats, accessories, and knives! She also got some part time help from some Artists & is now open 7 Days a week! 

In May 2015, The Adult & Lingerie section was getting much bigger! We did a remodel with some friends and put new shelving in and made the back room into a Lingerie & Adult Room! 
In January 2017, There was over 250 Colorado Artists that make everything in the store!!  
In April 2019, There is over 320 Colorado artists and still growing!!
 We have the best distributors & Artist making everything in the shop! I only Carry quality Vaporizers, Atomizers, & Adult Toys! We have 90 Glass Blowers In Colorado & over 120 Other Colorado Artists that make Everything Else. This is the only store like it in Summit County! Ste-V has taken everything that she likes and made it into here own Store! She works almost everyday with her pitbull, Odorous (Odie for short) right by her side! Odie is the Store Mascot! Come stop by! There is something for everyone!!! You don't have to smoke to enjoy all the styles of art!
See You There.